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Mon, Jan. 30th, 2006, 05:46 pm

Well, hello JHU. My name is JT, and I have a few questions.

Avoiding the usual "I'm considering..." speech, I'll get straight to the point. Is anyone here involved in a Computer Science or Mechanical Engineering course? I'd like to know first hand from students what it covers, what the class structure is like, etc. You know, more than just what the website has to offer. I've done CTY with Johns Hopkins, so I'm framiliar with high-level learning. I guess I'm just interested in knowing what's available after high school and what it's like there.

If there are any forevermores who now go to JHU, I'd like to know how the college atmosphere differs from that of CTY.

Thanks in advance for anyone who helps out. I appriciate it.